Nutrition Guide for Crossfitters (from FuelWOD™️)

It took me YEARS to get my first pull-up. 

I trained hard almost every day, and I kept all the junk food out

of my diet, but no matter what I did, it didn't seem as though I was getting stronger.

Each workout felt like a TRAIN WRECK, which left me gasping for air and unable to finish before the time cap...

I put in the time, but I didn't feel or look any different. 

I looked forward to doing Crossfit and enjoyed it very much, but it was at this point I started to believe that Crossfit was not for me.

Just before I gave up and threw in the towel (or in this case, my Nano's), it finally clicked.

As a result of my frustration in the gym, I gave up on my strict nutrition protocol, and in doing so, I ended up eating larger portions as my way of saying "screw it."

To my surprise, this did not hurt me, but it actually HELPED me. I just had to make sure that I was eating the right KINDS of foods.

But how did I know the right kinds of food to eat? Well, let me introduce myself.

Hey folks, my name is Shane, and I am a Registered Holistic Nutritionist who created FuelWOD so that others don't have to experience the same struggles that I went through trying to learn double unders, putting more weight on the bar, or finding that last gear for Fran.

FuelWOD is a nutrition program to help CrossFitters learn how to fuel their performance properly to get strong, lift weights faster, and look great while doing it.

My clients typically come to see me when they are doing "all of the right things," but it just isn't working for them.

It wasn't until I learned the knowledge that I am sharing in this eBook that I was able to start adding more weight to the bar, squeezing out that extra rep, and feeling like a MACHINE in the gym.


Your next workout depends on how you recover from your last workout, and I go over all the aspects of what makes post-workout nutrition so crucial in my Post Workout Nutrition Guide for Functional Fitness.

Many CrossFitters think that post-workout nutrition is strictly about replenishing their muscles so that they can train hard all over again. While this is definitely a part of it, the post-workout window is crucial for so much more, including the often-overlooked nervous system response to training.

In this guide, I also share with you:

✔️ WHAT foods are best to eat post-workout.

✔️ HOW to structure a plate for optimal recovery.

✔️ WHEN to consume a post-workout shake and post-post workout meal.

✔️ The importance of hydration and HOW to hydrate effectively.

✔️ The BEST supplements to help squeeze out more weight and reps.

✔️ My five favourite post-workout RECIPES.


I want to give this eBook away for FREE so that no one misses out on EXACTLY what they should be doing to get that first, next, or last rep.

If this sounds like something that you'd like to get your hands on, then click the link below to get your FREE copy now!


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