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Our programs are designed to simplify our clients’ nutritional needs by delivering a custom solution that is sustainable for life. While fad diets, calorie restriction and magic pills are quick fixes, we believe that in order to be truly successful, you need to consume real foods that complement your body's unique composition and needs.

Your journey to a healthier, happier life and sustained weight management is about to begin. Get excited!

Your coach will keep you accountable weekly with a program that is personalized to your goals and needs by meeting you where you are in life. Your coach becomes more than just someone to report to, they partner with you side-by-side on your journey!

You will start to feel better with more energy and of course your attitude will change towards understanding better nutrition. At the same time your coach will keep the element of surprise with lifestyle hacks that work so that you don’t lose interest.

Here is what to expect with your program:

·       Weekly one-on-one sessions. Establish your health, wellness, and/or weight loss goals with your Simply for Life coach.

·       Get custom meal plans, as well as coaching, teaching, and motivation tailored to your individual goals.

·       Take advantage of our online recipe bank with thousands of healthy recipes, handy shopping lists, easy to use food journal, and your own private online portal.

·       Use our dining out guides.

You will be contacted by the next business day to book you intial consultation.

(Or contact us at 905-878-7999 or